Why i started to get interested in personal development at 18 years old ?

Hi, i’m Melody and as you may know, I have been suffering from acne since I was 11 years old. I tell you more HERE. At 18, I still haven’t got rid of it (even if it’s better). Acne followed me throughout my teenage years. That pretty complicated period of life…But today i’m gonna tell you why reading books about personal development can help you about lots of stuff haha !

I am a shy girl but who loves to laugh and make jokes. With acne, I completely lost all confidence in myself. I was afraid that people would talk to me because I thought that they were only see my acne. I was so uncomfortable and afraid that I would not be smart enough to answer and look ridiculous…cause that’s one of the repercussions acne had on me. Feeling like people were always making fun of me (which wasn’t the case, but that’s what you think when you’re uncomfortable). Never i dared to speak in public, or to defend myself (or just give my opinion) cause then people would pay attention to me (what I hated because of my acne…). My complex due to acne has created a lot of insecurities on myself.

But at 18, I’m sick of this and I want to change. (easier said than done, we agree). I willn’t tell you that personal development has completely changed me, and that all my insecurities have disappeared. It’s not the case! (not yet haha ​​!!). But I’ll tell you what it taught me. What it means to me and why you should get interested too.

Why you should read books about personal development ?

Personal development is a bit “trendy” at the moment (I hate to say things like this haha). There’s even “personal development” sections in the stores. Even youtubeurs or bloggers talk about it to give advice to their subscribers. At first, I didn’t understand. I used to say “what’s the use?” No need to read a book to get to know each other, why read books about personal development? “(#StupidWayOfThinking)… hahaha ! If I only knew ! In September, I read the famous book “Miracle Morning” (after waiting for like a year to finally buy it). And I finally understood the madness.

This book has motivated me, it has taught me to think and see things differently. He taught me that if i wanted to change things in my life, it’s up to us to do what it takes to. We must not wait for life to goes on without making any choices and without being able to control anything.

Every morning (when i was reading the “Miracle Morning” book), I got up and read a few pages while writing the most important tips that would help me “change my life”. I was delighted with this book ! It was then that I realized that if there were so many people who appreciated these books, it wasn’t for nothing. They give so much hope ! Now I am “fan” of those kinds of books (even tho I’ve only read the “Miracle Morning” and “Big Magic”, which I am finishing). I even created a board on Pinterest dedicated to this topic !

What it means for me ?

I think that personal development can really help us in the long term to take control. I see it as life instructions, except that these are not required rules. They’re perceived differently by all and we apply them differently. But the goal is just to give the best of ourselves to this world to blossom and be happy. For me, as soon as a book motivates and inspires us, it is part of the personal development category. Because he’ll made us evolve and think differently. He opened a door.

Personal development books really help to achieve our goals little by little, I think it’s great (it looks like I’m doing a propaganda haha ​​but no, it’s just my honest opinion). Than, of course I’m talking about all of this, but i’m not following all the advices I’ve read ! But I know i’m gonna evolve. Positivity is in me !!! haha. Now, I encourage you all to start getting interested in personal development. Especially since there are more and more choices, so you’ll surely find your happiness. (I’ll do an article next week with my selection of books).

No matter how old you are, what your problems are… I think that personal development is not just for one particular kind of person. The proof, I’m only 18, and you might wonder why I’m interested in these kinds of things. But in the end, I’m glad to be interested, because it helped me, and it will continue. I didn’t become perfect in one night, but as i said, I’m evolving every day ! (I know that no one is perfect, and my goal isn’t to be perfect neither haha).

If you like personal development or are interested in this topic, you can check out Goodie Mood‘s blog. It’s a “feel good and creativity” blog which is great ! Elodie makes illustrated abstracts of this kind of books that can be pin on Pinterest ! Her drawings are so beautiful !! I really love it haha!

PS: It’s not because you chose to be a positive person that you can’t have bad days. It happens to us all and just remember that, you’ll feel better  tomorrow !

I loved sharing this discovery ! Tell me your opinion about personal development ! I am curious hihi

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