It’s been a few months since I made articles on my blog and I haven’t been as active as before. One of the reasons why is that my pseudo (blog + social medias) was restricting me and wasn’t really matching me, as I will explain just after. Obviously, this is not the main reason for my inactivity which was mostly due to personal reasons and some demotivation.

WHY I DECIDED TO CHANGE MY BLOG + INSTAGRAM NAME ?! (can you see the “high school musical” reference ? haha)

My actual pseudo :

In my pseudo “inlovewithfoodandvegan”, i choose to include “Inlovewithfood” because like most of us I really like to eat (hihi), and my diet has drastically changed since 2014. That’s when I decided to try another way to make my acne disapear. Also cause, thanks to that,  food is an important topic in my life right now.
And i choose to include “and vegan” because that’s how I describe my food diet when I’m looking for meal inspirations on Pinterest or YouTube.

I don’t feel comfortable anymore…

But lately, I wasn’t feeling very comfortable with this blog name.
Indeed, I don’t like to put myself (and put others) in a box. And that’s exactly what I do by putting “vegan” in my pseudo. I don’t feel comfortable describing myself as vegan knowing that in fact, my lifestyle is not vegan in it’s totality. My diet is vegan, but not my entire lifestyle.
So I don’t want to disappoint you or make you confused if I’m talking about products that aren’t vegan. I am interested in veganism and I will continue to talk about vegan products, share vegan recipes and have a vegan diet. But cause a part of my lifestyle is not totally vegan, i don’t feel comfortable including it in mypseudo.


Not just a food blog !

As I said above, I don’t want to be put in a box, and that’s what I do by including “inlovewithfood” in my pseudo. It gives the impression that I’m only going to give you recipes and talk to you about food. However, I will actually continue to share recipes and talk about food, because it’s life !!! But that will not necessarily be my main subject (in fact I have no main topic hihi, as I explain it right after!).

Why did i create this blog ?


I wanted to create this blog to share my journey with acne, tips to get rid of it (mostly) naturally and also share what I love, the healthy world, beauty, lifestyle, of course food and even fashion ! I always loved fashion (but see, I don’t know if all my clothes are vegans…).
I don’t want to say that I have a main subject because i’m going to try to speak equally about each of these topics but it’s true that in the beginning I wanted to create this blog to talk about my acne journey and my diet.

Having a more general pseudo. One which would bring together all my passions without putting myself in a box. Without giving me the impression to not match me.

A more “general” pseudo because I quickly change my mind and sometimes my interest. I evolve, we all do ! That’s why I don’t want a pseudo that restricts me in my (may be) future projects. The content of my blog will not suddenly change at all haha ​​but his pseudo will !

What will my social medias become ?

About instagram, I want to share my anti-acne meals, my journey (with acne) and my favorites. And i want to do all of this by adding my little touch of humor and “retreat” (is it narcissistic to describe myself as funny ??? haha ​​I find myself pretty funny). Which I feel like i can’t do for now. And it’s just my fault, i sometimes have some troubles to let go totally, I’ve always been like that. At the beginning i’m a little bit shy, then we’ll get to know each other and after that, you’ll no longer want to be away from me… mouahaha…see… I’m funny, or embarrassing I don’t know HAHA !


I hope you understood a little bit better what was going on in my head. And I hope you will not be disappointed my little ones ♡ ♡ But it may take time for me to change the pseudo as i have to find one…obviously ! And then see if the domain name is free for me and then change my social media’s name…

So yeah ! Now am gonna go write my next blog post cause am now gonna post 1 time a week (i let you know when in my instastories). I will aslo post photos everyday on instagram + instastory (I LOVE INSTASTORY !!! and i don’t have a public snapchat 😉 ).

Love, Melody

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