I’ve never heard about Gua Sha until I saw Organic Olivia’s video about it. Where she explained how she used it to reduce her imperfections. I was intrigued so I did some research to find out if it could be good for acne and what people where using it for… Let’s go !

First thing first, this face massage tool, looks very pleasant to use and is pretty aesthetic. I practice practically every day the layering (facial massage). And I love it, because it relaxes me and I always find that my skin is brighter by doing that. The gua sha is a little the same thing.

Where does Gua Sha come from + his profits :

Gua sha is a Chinese ancestral massage method that allows you to :

  • feel more relax
  • have a more radiant skin
  • younger skin
  • evens out the skin
  • fight against the weakening of the face and the neck
  • reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • deflates the face
  • prevent and reduce facial wrinkles
  • slowed down aging scars
  • improves circulation of energy and blood

Moreover, I read that “every part of our face corresponds to an organ. Thus, thanks to this technique, our whole body will feels relaxed “. Pretty cool !

What is the Gua Sha made of? How do you know if it’s real?

Gua Sha is a tool made of jade, pink quartz or buffalo horn (killing animals just to have a face massage…Nope !) . Because these components bring energy. The gua sha tool looks a lot like the Jade Roller. They have the same benefits, but the jade roller is more gentle. While the gua sha does a massage that will really lift up the face. It will give a more lifting effect thanks to its shape.

Since jade is an expensive and hard stone to work with, most of the time, gua sha tools are not made of genuine jade. Only Jadeite jade and nephrite jade are considered authentic jades. The others : the serpentine, the prehnite… Are stones that look like jade but are not. Plus, when you look on internet, most (jade tools) are described as Xiuyan jade. Which is actually serpentine (if i’ve done great research haha!).


So if you want a real jade gua sha tool, the price will normally be high. In addition, it will be hard to find! To know if it’s real jade stone, you really have to look on the site of the seller in question! In general, they just write jade in the product name and don’t talk about it anymore.
Otherwise spa institutes also offer those massage.

The serpentine jade?

The serpentine jade looks so much like jade, that most sellers write jade in the description of their gua sha tools, while it’s actually serpentine. They’ll also write Xiuyan jade. Which is also serpentine :
“The jade produced in Xiuyan County is called Xiuyan Jade. Xiuyan is one of the jade’s hometowns, located in Liaoning Province, China Xiuyan Jade is a kind of serpentine jade, one of the famous jades in China.”
Serpentine is a stone that helps with relaxation. Serpentine, means protection, longevity, guidance and humility. It would apparently also help regenerate the cells.

Pink Quartz :

I can’t find much about the pink quartz gua sha. But it seems like they’re more “authentic” than the ones made from jade stone. Cause the pink quartz is easy to shape (to work with). And, even if it’s sometimes synthesized, it’s generally specified if it’s natural pink quartz. Which would means that it’s not synthetic. (if you can believe what they say!)

Is Gua Sha good for acne?

Gua sha promotes lymphatic drainage. That’s why it has benefits for acne and acne scars! It helps reduce inflammation thanks to the lymphatic drainage. “The lymph is translucent liquid. It comes from the blood and it circulates in a network parallel to the veins: the lymphatic system. The lymph evacuates 75% of the waste of our cells. It has a “garbage man” role. Unlike the blood system, the lymphatic system does not have a “pump” to activate it. In many cases, it happens to the lymph to stagnate, especially in the face area. This is where a massage / drainage can help. “

How to use it ?

WHAT IS A GUA SHA TOOL ?This tool is used during your skincare routine, in the morning and evening, or just when you feel like having a little face massage.You put on your cream / oil and you start the massage. In addition, it will helps your moistrizer to penetrate! You can do this massage for 2-3 minutes or more if you have the time! I read that, in institutes, they did it for 1 hour!

My Selection :

None of these stones are made with authentic jade, but with “Xiuyan jade”. Which is (as we’ve seen before), serpentine. And the pink gua sha tool would correspond to natural pink quartz. CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO SEE THE SITES!
* I have a doubt for the “jade” tool from White Lotus. They describe it as 100% pure jade and made with the best stones. But for it doesn’t seem to cost “that much” for real jade. (I think it’s either nephrite jade or serpentine).


So…Let’s see what i think about the jade Gua Sha tool.
On paper, it looks like a good idea, but it’s also an expensive tool and hard to find! The ones we see on internet are often made of other much cheaper materials. In addition, if you are not specialists, you cann’t really know if the gua sha is made of real jade! So it feels like being scammed. I find the idea of ​​this tool great, because it really seems to help to relax and many other benefits as we previously saw.

I admit that even after knowing that these tools were not really made out of jade, I still want one haha! But we must still be careful, applying acrylic rather than jade on the face, is much less pleasant right! I think that the form of the tool is important as much as its quality, but in my opinion, it does not need to be jade, as long as the material is not toxic. But it’s true that a natural product like jade is more seller.

So, did you knew Gua Sha?

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