Hello ! Today, I’m sharing an article on adaptogenic herbs! I saw a lot of people talking about theme right now on instagram. So I was interested in what it was, and the result is this article! So, here are all the informations I found interesting about stress and acne when you take adaptogenic herbs !


What are adaptogenic herbs and what can we use them for?

Adaptogens are plants/herbs that improve the body’s ability to adapt to different stresses, (physical, moral, change…), thanks to a resistance of the body. An adaptogen exerts a normalizing action that transforms the stress, so that the body adapts. Adaptogenic herbs provide a functional and variable response (modulator / regulator) specific to the needs of the individual. Every adaptogen have different properties and actions. “These plants have been tested on USSR men subjected to extreme living conditions in (in the 1940s). It was then establishing, that the regular consumption of certain plants increases resistance to stress.These men were less affected by infectious diseases and by the aging of their cells.”

Different adaptogenic plants:

There are apparently between 10 and 30 adaptogenic herbs/plants.
Here are the most known:

  • Chinese Ginseng: revitalizing action, improves physical and intellectual performance. Fight against fatigue, depression and stress.
  • Eleutherococcus (Russian ginseng): stimulate the nervous and adrenal system, helps to adapt to stressful situations and protect radiation. Also helps against extreme fatigue.
  • Ashwagandha (Indian ginseng): aphrodisiac plant, known for its restorative and adaptive properties against the effects of stress. Ashwaganda also has a regulating action on the thyroid gland.
  • The Cordyceps: Reinforce longevity, help against fatigue and reinforcement of energy. It enhances endurance and improves physical and mental performance.
  • Rhodiola: mitigate the harmful effects of stress and promote its management. It increases the memory, allows a better recovery following a physical effort.
  • Maca: fight chronic fatigue and enhances physical performance. It regulates the hormonal balance in women.
  • Shisandra: help against stress, restores energy. Berries tone the reins, and sexual organs, protect the liver, strengthen the nervous system and purify the blood. Stimulate the nervous system it increases the speed of reflexes and improves lucidity. Berries are effective in cases of depression; they reduce irritability and slow down memory loss.


Where can you find adaptogenic herbs/plants ?

These plants come from many places in the world: China, Africa, Europe, India.
But you can buy them at herbalist shops, organic stores, and also on internet (moon juice, iherb, sun potion, indogo herbs).
They are sold in the form of powder, ampoules, capsule and mother-tincture (hydro-alcoholic solution from a mixture of fresh plants and alcohol), and you can also make infusions.

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By taking adaptogenic herbs, consume more essential nutrients, because our cells will “fuel” more. We must be careful not to push our body to end. It’s therefore necessary to have a diet rich in vitamins and minerals (magnesium!) At the same time as this cure. It’s advisable to stop the cure if the effects “reverse”. “They are there to follow you in difficult times, hard stressful times, change… Not to lead a life of permanent fool.”

Will this help to get rid of acne ?

If you have acne, you’ve already noticed that when you’re stressed, your skin is getting worse! Indeed, stress acidifies the body because of the lack of minerals it causes. And when you have acne, you still need more minerals, cause it’s what improves the skin !!
Adaptogens could help a lot, cause they will help the body to adapt to the stress better. And so, you may have less stress-related acne breakouts !

My opinion:

For now, I’ve never tested adaptogenic herbs. But I’m stressed for nothing (even though, I improve the management of my stress with time haha). So, I should definitely test these herbs haha! In addition, I saw several people with different opinions on Instagram, about these plants, and that’s what made me want to do this article. And that’s also why i wanna try these herbs. For some people, the plants also worked for their acne, and for others it works only on their stress and anxiety level. I will see !

But anyway, i also wanted to add, that adaptogenic herbs are food supplements that are there to help. Especially if your diet is not perfect. But you’re not supposed to take them daily all year long.
To me, if you eat enough raw fruits and vegetables, you’ll see life differently. More relaxed and more calm. And you’ll maybe not need these adaptogens.


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I hope this article can help you to understand better what an adaptogen is! I found most of this information on internet. But I can’t wait to test it to be able to make my own opinion !
In the meantime, tell me if you have already tested these herbs, if you have already heard of them …

Fresh and Sunkissed!

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