What is the most complicated to eliminate. Acne or acne scars ? It’s a big dilemma. I think the answer is unfortunately scars… Acne (in my opinion) can be quickly taken in hand if we change our diet. But scars seem impossible to get rid. Like a dirty mark on your favorite “little top”. It’s pretty annoying ! But I’m here to help and share with you my favs oils against acne scars.


What’s a scar ?

A scar is a mark left by a tissue damage (injury) after healing. Acne scars are formed after a period of acne rather strong. Where imperfection has caused such inflammation, the enzymes have attacked the internal building blocks of the skin, such as collagen and elastin. The skin produces scar tissue to repair this damage, but the result is not quite optimal. That’s why I’m going to introduce you to oils that improve healing. Oils against acne scars.

Oil against acne ?

I have acne since my 11/12yo. So I had the time to test and experience a lot of things ! I know what works for me or not. You can read here the article I made about my acne story. Now my acne has calmed down, but the problem is my scars. I think i heard about oils against acne scars something like 4 years ago. Like most of you I think, I have always been very hesitant. Having combination to oily skin, I thought that putting oil could make the situation worst. In short, in July of this year, I decided to take the plunge after doing a lot of research on the proposed oils (and yes, there are a lot of vegetable oils).

Oils against acne scars

Nigella :  purifying / regenerating / anti-inflammatory / antioxidant / rich in omega 3-6.
Sea-buckthorn : healing / regenerating / rich in omega 3 / anti-inflammatory / anti-infectious.
Rosehip : rich in omega 3,6 and 9 / healing / anti-inflammatory / vitamin K / astringent / sebum regulator.
Sesame : rich in zinc / rich in vitamin E.
Jojoba : regulator of sebum. / limit bacteria.
Grape seed : rich in omega 6 and 9 / vitamin E / moisturizing / antioxidant / regenerator.
Hazelnut : rich in omega 3 / antioxidant / vitamin E, A and B

Of course, I didn’t manage to choose a single oil, so I bought them all… But it was not as expensive as what you’re thinking !! And… you know… it was important that i test them all so i can give you a great review right ? haha.
While my research, these are all the oils that matched both my skin type and my expectations : reduce my scars. (I also wanted these oils to change the quality of my skin (I have oily skin), and make disappear the microcysts I had on my forehead, but that will be for another article !)





The properties of these oils :

Zinc helps the production of collagen and elasticity of the skin and promotes repair and healing. Omega 3 helps moisturize the skin and promote the proper functioning of the blood vessels. Omega 6 promotes the suppleness of the skin and intervenes in healing. Omega 9, it helps maintain the elasticity / suppleness of the skin and accelerates the process of healing. Vitamin E protects free radicals and slows the oxidation of lipids in cell membranes. The antioxidant is a protective sheath that prevents attack of collagen fibers and various cells of the skin structure. It limits inflammation. Vitamin A helps cell growth, and participates in regeneration and skin healing. Finally, Vitamin B accelerates cellular metabolism

I told you the benefits of each oil to help you make your choice. Personally I think the ones that work best against my acne scars, are those i use on the evening (written below). The others are also very good ! But they are more effective against micro-cysts, hydration and the “glowy” effect of the skin (which is GREAT too, but that’s not the subject there haha !)

Use :

I made mixtures of these 7 oils against acne scars, so i can only have 3 bottles (30ml) at the end. I mixed them according to their beneficial effects/according to the needs of my skin.

In the morning I use either hazelnut / sesame mix or jojoba / grape seed and I apply a few drops after washing my face. You really don’t need that much cause otherwise, your skin is not going to absorb everything, you’ll then think that your skin is more oily than before.
In the evening once my face is clean (here is my anti-acne routine 😉) i use my evening oil mixture : nigella, sea-buckthorn and rosehip oil, a dose a little more consistent than the morning because I take the opportunity to massage my face. Then, i insist on the areas where I have scars. I tap and i’m kind of do a “layering” (that’s a japanese skincare method). Then I’m ready to go to bed… completely relaxed !!

Where to buy // their prices :

I bought all these oils at Aroma-Zone (online, that’s french…). Except the nigella oil that I already had and which is from the brand Melvita, 13 € the 50ml. The empty bottles in which I made the mixes also come from Aroma-Zone (their capacity is 30ml and I haven’t used everything and i had them since 4 months ! *update…for now 6 months !) (This article is not sponsored, and contains no affiliate links).

Results :

It’s been 4 months since I’m doing this routine. I am pretty satisfied with these oils against acne scars. The value for money is top and they last a long time (as you only need a little). My scars are much less red, my skin is brighter, more “glowy”. The scars on my face haven’t completely disappeared, but they are so much less inflamed. I think you can see it in the photos below.


Conclusion :

If you have scars of the same type as mine, or scars that ain’t too deep or in relief, I think these oils will help you a lot. As you can see on me, it did not make my scars completely disappear. Even though they have decreased quite a lot. On the other hand, if you have a zit, you must first make it disappear before thinking about removing the scar (or redness).

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Share your experiences in the comments and tell me if you have already tested oils against acne scars ! AND ESPECIALLY DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK QUESTIONS 😉

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