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Hello everyone, here I am again for a new special article! A cool new idea, I think ?! #AcneUpdatesWithMelo

The first articles I posted on my blog explained my journey with acne and how I changed my lifestyle. Indeed, I actually changed my lifestyle in 2014 (a diet that keeps evolving), and I buy the least chemical skincare products possible. Since I have acne for 8 years, I sometimes do not know what to do or even want to give up. Sometimes I do not, care and I feel like giving up to get rid of acne. That’s good because, in a way, it means that I don’t mind. But at the same time, it means that I give up this fight. And, I do not agree haha! I don’t want to give up AND I plan to get rid of acne! That’s why I decided to make “Updates” of my acne twice a month that I would call #AcneUpdatesWithMelo!

In these articles, I would share my progress, products that I discovered, what I ate and which worsened or improved my acne etc … Updates about my skin that i want to talk about,  so we can move forward  together! Thanks to the hashtag, I would share some evolutions on instagram and YOU, you can also share your progress on this hashtag. I would watch your journeys with pleasure! I really can not wait !!!

I’m just going to do a little retrospective for you to understand better now : #AcneUpdatesWithMelo

#AcneUpdatesWithMelo FIRST POST @freshandsunkissed2017 is the year I experienced the best improvements with my skin.
From May to September 2017, I had a raw diet that left my skin without “actives” zits (see the picture next to it) there were only scars left. In addition, I applied oils on my face (I did an article HERE) that really gave a glowy and healthy skin.

Then, from September 2017 to mid February 2018, I came back to a “normal” diet (photo just below). But still vegan, gluten free and refined sugar. I ate a lot less fruit and vegetables. I always had the same skincare routine, but I admit that I go to sleep quite late… Which means: active zits returns and regeneration of cells slower cause I don’t have enough sleep.

But after all these years of acne, I realized that my skin needed a lot of nutrients to be healthy. Fruits and vegetables in large quantities and raw so they can keep their benefits. Which my raw diet confirmed me!
So mid-February I once again got sick of my acne, so I thought that at the same time as the arrival of the beautiful days, I would slowly go back to eat more fruits and vegetables and re-change my lifestyle.

End of the retrospective, LET’S GO!

Today, I am going to talk about the improvement of my skin since mid-February.

This picture is my skin in the beginning of this “change”. So i can compare to after !

#AcneUpdatesWithMelo FIRST POST @freshandsunkissed

Diet :

#AcneUpdatesWithMelo FIRST POST @freshandsunkissed

On February 25, I included juices in my diet. As I said, I’m gonna change little by little. For example a “What I eat In A Day” would look like this :

  • Breakfast: a mashed banana with ground flaxseed, coconut oil and lemon juice + ground almonds and hazelnuts on top. And a few days a week, a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar and lemon.
  • Lunch: coral lentils pasta with coconut/curry sauce (Which I will share quickly, because it is SO GOOD!).
  • Dinner: a juice at least every 2 days (carrots, apple, orange, turmeric, ginger, spinach) and the rest of the leftover of my lunch or other, it depends on my desires…
  • Snack: chocolate soy milk.

My lifestyle + My skincare routine :

Regarding my sleep, it’s still not perfect. I fall asleep around 1:00… So I have to work on that. I don’t take any supplements. I don’t smoke, don’t drink and I don’t do sports. But I want to get back to sport soon! My skincare routine has slightly changed . I used this facial cleanser, which I loved, it’s a little expensive, but it was very gentle and leaves a luminous effect.
Then, to moistrize, I used rosewater (it helps me to remove some residues of limestone which make my skin super dry), and the same oil the morning and the night: a mixture of grape seeds and sesame oil. And I don’t use any face mask right now.
Since a week and a half, I’m using another cleanser, this one. I got it for my birthday. It’s expensive, but it’s quality. He is gentle and I think he avoids some zits/ reduces them faster. So, for now, despite its price, I like it!

What I want to change.

I would like to find new oils / moisturizers. As I have a sephora gift card and they are now selling the brand PAI (I wanted to try this brand for a long time), I would certainly take one of their products. If you have any recommendation tell me 😏😏 !!! I would also like to sleep more. Sleep is very important for cell regeneration. And so the renewal of the skin! But I really want to test new products.

Pictures of my skin since mid-February:

I don’t know if we can see, but on the last photo (lower right), this is the most recent photo, and we see that my skin is less inflamed than at the beginning (1st photo in the upper left).

#AcneUpdatesWithMelo FIRST POST @freshandsunkissed

I hope you’ll enjoy these new articles on my acne #AcneUpdatesWithMelo and that they will not be too long to read haha!

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#AcneUpdatesWithMelo FIRST POST @freshandsunkissed

Anyways !! See you on Friday for a new article !! #AcneUpdatesWithMelo
Melody ♡

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