I’m 19 years old and I have acne since I’m 11 (I did a retrospective of these 8 long years, go read it HERE ! ♡). So that makes a lot of time to experiment with my skin and see what gave me acne (or what accentuates it). And indeed, everytime i had some stress, at least a zit appeared. Zits or a more oily skin. Cause i have acne prone skin and am a stressed nature, stress is something i try to get rid of the most ! I also noticed that my skin reacted very quickly to external elements (such as stress, anxiety …) and also to the interior elements (such as diet). That’s why in 2014, I changed my diet, click here, I explain everything! So, in this article, I offer my simple tips against stress, nothing innovative, but effective enough for me to share it with you all!

I know that as soon as I’m stressed, I have trouble doing things, even improving the situation. So I force myself to do my tips to relax. Then, I think it’s wiser to take 15mins (or even a little less) to relax rather than being stressed all day. No ? Now let’s start !!!

First thing first, WHY does stress gives acne?

You may know this, but one of the causes of acne is sebum overproduction. And guess what : when we’re stressed, it can increase sebum production! Stress then aggravates acne.

My anti-stress tips:


  • Take a step back and settle down for two minutes!
    Example of what I’ll say to myself: “wait, wait …” * breathe * what is happenning melo, it’s gonna be alright…* breath *. CALM DOWN! Everything’s gonna Be Alright!



  • Breathing !!! I don’t know for you, but for me, when I’m stressed, I often notice that I forgot to breathe. This aggravates the stress. I don’t know a lot about breathing, but just breathing is a great strat. Then I try to take deep breaths. 

Short break to say that I love doing this kind of articles. I am very excited right now behind my keyboard! Hahahahah. But anyway, let’s keep calm. (I’ll have to deal with the excitement too, because if not i’ll look like a coffe drinker. And i don’t like coffee.)

  • Drink a some water slowly. I don’t really know why it helps, but it can relax you!
  • Walking! Being sit down when you’re stressed can be even worse. You have to move your body, to tell him that it’s okay. You can also stay in the sun if there is sun haha ! (I love the sun)
  • Then think of something else. Listen to music, music always relaxes, even if you’re not in the “mood”, FORCE-YOURSELF, it will do you good. Do an activity you can do where you are.
  • You can also talk and laugh with other people. Keeping stress for yourself is hard to live. Do not put stress on others, just talk about your problem. They’ll maybe make you realise that your problems arn’t really problems… You can also talk about other things to think about something else.

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  • Again, breathe properly.
  • Relax?!! When you’re stressed, it’s hard to relax, but hard doesn’t mean impossible! So force yourself to do a few things that you like that don’t come naturally. Do something that will completely distract you from your stress. Watch a movie, a serie. I like to watch youtube videos, it relaxes me a lot. And also, SPORT, I don’t really do sport at the moment, BUT I know that when you’re stressed it can help a lot !
  • Stretching. When I’m being too stressed, I breathe well and I stretch slowly (like doing yoga). I touch my feet with my hands while standing up and I breathe well again. I do this in a quiet place.
  • Also, listening to music and dancing to It can never hurt.

My following tip isn’t just for at home stress, but i’ll let it in this category (why not) :

  • Food: I know it’s very tempting to eat bad food when you’re stressed. But it’s best to avoid it, because you’ll regret it afterwards.
    In case of stress, it’s not your body that makes you want to eat “twix” or whatever… It’s the bad bacteria in your belly! Thta’s how i see it, as they are bad bacteria, they are fed by stress and want to eat sugar… BAD!

But I also want to tell you that restricting you will not fix things. So stay BALANCED, eat a few cakes, not all the cakes. And also eat nourrishing food for your body so it can beat the stress. Eat while being aware that you are eating (if that makes sense). Do not devour, but enjoy it, like that, your brain will think about something else. Doing your own meal can also be great as you will once again be thinking about something else than stress.

And finally, my bonus tip :

  • every day take time for yourself! I noticed that when I did that, I was much less stressed. It’s usually in the morning, I try to take the time to prepare for this day. Go easy and quiet to anticipate the madness of the day!

You have to be busy doing something else, like cooking…so your mind don’t think about stress.

If you want more tips for relaxation, I have a Pinterest board dedicated to this: click here!

My 10 TIPS AGAINST ACNE STRESS !Here are all my tips! (If I forgot some, I would share them in instastory!).

Learning at least a little bit about stress management will help you a lot against  pimples.
Although our causes of stress are all different, they will all affect our health. You may not see them yet, but they are here! (sorry that’s scary haha)

For now, you’re amassing stress. But the older you get, the less your body will recover. So I think it’s important to find some stress relief right now! In addition, the stress rate does not get better with age, because we have more and more responsibilities, hardships and therefore stressful situations to live … So if we don’t have an awareness, nothing will change and the stress will remain such!

Thank you for reading this article ! I hope he can help you better manage your stress,
Melody ♡

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