I tested the GUA SHA tool (acne, scars, dark circles…)

It’s no longer a secret, I have acne since I was 11 years old. And since then, my life has turned into an adventure to get rid of acne! Since all these years, I have searched for many solutions, miracle creams and other things to get rid of acne, but now, I try to use more natural things and also to take care of my health/diet first and foremost. Obviously, with the years, my acne has evolved and now, I mostly have scars (and pimples too, but in the minority mouahaha).
Following my article on the gua sha tool, I wanted to buy this massage tool to test it and see if it could help against my acne and scars. If you don’t know what a gua sha tool is, go and read THIS ARTICLE where I explain everything before starting!

Why did I wanted to test it?

Well, i’m gonna be honest, by testing this tool, I did not expect it to make my acne disappear miraculously. I put enough hope into lots of products and methods that didn’t work, so now I try to stay calm when I discover something new against acne!
But basically, I wanted to test this gua sha tool, because i loved the idea of massaging your face. I thought it would be so relaxing ! Who doesn’t appreciate a good massage? I also thought that it will be great to help with lymph circulation. Basically, it would decrease my scars. I also wanted to see if it could help decrease my dark circles (blue and purple).

I tested the GUA SHA tool (acne, scars, dark circles...)

The results of gua sha tool on my skin:

I received it more than a month ago so I had the time to test it!
Those photos may not be doing justice to reality, because unfortunately, i started using the gua sha tool as i wasn’t having a super healthy diet (= pimples here and there…). I apply an oil (grape seed right now) and then I massage my skin with the gua sha. You must put your cream, oil or serum before the massage, it will penetrate faster and it’s better to massage obviously! While doing the massage, I press moderately hard. But it depends on you! Sometimes, I’m softer than others, it depends on my mood haha! Again, I refer you to this article to see how to use it!

Here are the differences that I noticed:

  • Less dilated pores
  • Fewer blackheads
  • Skin much less inflamed!
  • Less redness (around my mouth, where we have the “smile lines” I tend to be red,I don’t know why, but these rashes have decreased a lot!).
  • More uniform and luminous skin
  • Face more awake

I tried to do this massage every day (at least once a day). Sometimes I didn’t do it, sometimes I did it twice a day for a few minutes. But I think there are still some small improvements. The scars leave faster with the gua sha thanks to the circulation of the lymph. But, I don’t advise you to do it on your active pimples, because it hurts (everything is relative, but it’s not nice!).
I also have a white pimples that appeared a few months ago under my eye, and since I do the massage gua sha tool, I feel like it has decreased.
Regarding dark circles, the colors may have faded slightly, but nothing obvious.

I tested the GUA SHA tool (acne, scars, dark circles...)

I tested the GUA SHA tool (acne, scars, dark circles...)

I tested the GUA SHA tool (acne, scars, dark circles...)

Where did i buy it from ? // How do I clean it?

As I explain below this photo, I bought it at Cult Beauty (an English beauty site), but it’s from the brand White Lotus. I wanted the jade one, but it was not available so I chose the pink quartz one which cost 35€ (I think).

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English is in the comment down there friends 😜. Je sais que j’ai bcp écrit, mais j’ai essayé de faire un plusieurs parties avec mes emojis pour que ça soit plus agréable a lire !. [FRENCH]. J’ai partagé un article sur le gua sha il y a deux semaines, je crois, sur mon blog, et je reviens pour en parler ici. Car entre temps, j’ai pu en acheté et le tester ! Ça faisait longtemps que je voulais tester alors je suis contente !. 🌿Le gua sha est un outil de massage favorisant le drainage lymphatique. Le système lymphatique est un liquide qui évacue les déchets des cellules. Le problème, c’est que ce système à besoin d’être activé, sinon le lymphe stagne. Ce qui peut créer des boutons. Donc cette outil aide à faire circuler le lymphe !. 😎MES AMÉLIORATIONS :😎. Depuis que je fais des massages sur mon visage avec cet outil, j’ai noté que j’avais les pores moins dilatés au niveau de mes joues, ma beaucoup est moins enflammée, et après environ deux semaines d’utilisation, j’ai l’impression que ça aide à ne pas créer le genre de boutons qui apparaissent quand on mange mal. (J’ai mangé du chocolat et du pain…Vegan et sans gluten certes, mais ce sont des aliments qui peuvent quand même me créer un petit bouton). 📍D’OÙ VIENT CE GUA SHA ?:. Je l’ai acheté sur le site @cultbeauty et il est de la marque @whitelotusmicroneedling . Je voulais achetercelui en jade, mais il était épuisé haha. La pierre est toujours froide, donc ce serait du vrai quartz (cool). C’est livré dans une petite boîte avec un tissu en soie, et une notice qui explique comment l’utiliser ! •BREF. Pour l’instant, je dirais que les résultats sont positifs, mais je vais continuer de tester et j’en ferais peut-être un article !.

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I didn’t find many sites explaining how to clean it. And I’m not an expert in stone, so I don’t know much about it. But I know that you have to clean your gua sha tool, and also recharge it with energy. What I do by putting it in a glass container filled with water for one night, then I “reactivate” it by letting the tap water on it for a few minutes (not for too long tho, because I don’t want to waste too much water lol). It should apparently be washed after each use with water and soap. I don’t know whether to use a particular soap so if you know more, tell me!

I tested the GUA SHA tool (acne, scars, dark circles...)

I tested the GUA SHA tool (acne, scars, dark circles...)

Do I recommend it?

I think it’s a nice tool to have for a relaxing time and help with lymph circulation. It’s nice (it’s beautiful), and depending on your needs and how you use it, you will definitely have results. I would always advise you to try the stuff that I present to you, because we’re all different, and if you are interested, your own opinion will be the most important! For me, I will continue to use it and i’ll let you know how it evolve in my insta story! But it’s not too expensive and you can buy it as a gift otherwise, so it’s cool!
HERE, I put you a selection of gua sha tool that I recommend!

If you don’t have active pimples, i think you shoul try ! It’s great against scars and redness. But you’ll see the results after many uses. Not after just a week ! ALWAYS try something new for at least 2 weeks !
A healthy diet is the most effective against acne, don’t forget it. Creams, oils, and serums are bonuses! I believe very much that everything is healed first from the inside !

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I tested the GUA SHA tool (acne, scars, dark circles...)
My questions for you : On that, what do you think about gua sha tools? Have you tested it yet? And tell me: how do we clean stones ??? !!! Because I’m not a pro and I don’t want to make a mistake haha!

Love, Melody,
Fresh and Sunkissed

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