A LETTER FOR MY ACNE ANNIVERSARY (i have acne for 8 years)…

Voila ! Yesterday (March 22), was my 19th birthday and I have acne for 8 years.

I have acne since 5th grade. Through all of those complicated stage a child go through, I’ve had acne. For middle school, for high school. Every year, I wished that on my birthday next year it will be over, but the fight is still going on ! I may gonna be a little bit too dramatic, but as you often hear, as long as it hasn’t happened to you, I think it’s hard to understand how it makes you feel. I am more than aware that there is worse in life. But it’s still a big complex, and I think that we all have complexes, so you may be able to understand me.

A LETTER FOR MY ACNE ANNIVERSARY (i have acne for 8 years)...

This article is a mental and physical retrospective of those years with acne. A lot of blabla, but I hope it’s not going to be annoying and that maybe I’m not alone in this case so you may recognize yourself in this story !

I went through phases of acne… At first I did not care, then I went to see a dermatologist, then a doctor. I tested several (chemical) creams; I started to wear makeup to hide my imperfections. Then I changed my diet and now… I don’t even wear makeup anymore, I don’t test as many products, I feel better than before (thanks to my diet) but at the same time I still don’t feel totally comfortable. I just feel like someone stole my teenage years. Sorry if it seems too “extra” haha, but it’s kind of how I felt.

How I experienced acne?

Acne is experienced differently by everyone, but for me it’s very complicated to live with. I assure you that when in first place you are shy and that you’re not confident, having something “different” and complicated to hide does not help. I know, there is makeup… But even with makeup, I know it’s there and sometimes it even hurts. Of course I feel better compared to others when I wear makeup, but hey … I would much rather not have to wear makeup at all ! No, but seriously, is acne really necessary knowing that we have many other problems ?!

My teenage year stolen (sorry, I’m extra apparently)

When I say that my teenage years wear stolen, I mean that if I had not had acne, I know I would have done many more things. I would not be so deprived because of this discomfort. Sometimes I even imagine my life if I didn’t have acne (it bothers me to write all of that cause I know there is much worse than me.) But I still imagine that my life would have been easier and better… teenage year + no self-confidence + shyness + acne … = it’s not joyful !


Does Instagram helped me?

Today I regret, because thanks to the amazing girls I follow on Instagram (You can follow me there if you’re interested btw !) (@myfacestory / @asprinkleofhealthandbeauty / @prettyprogress23), I know that we can live very well with acne and avoid worrying about what others think. This is one of the things I love the most about social medias, we can realize that we’re not alone and that some people are also going through the same things as us.

What having acne taught me !!

I admit that for the past 8 years, I have struggled to find positives aspects of having acne. But today, I think I can tell acne has taught me a lot of things :

  • to be patient with oneself
  • learning how to accept yourself knowing that you can’t always control everything
  • to know how to be compassionate
  • learn to take care of yourself as you are

I’m not saying it’s easy, but that does not mean it’s impossible. And the challenges, it’s pretty cool no?

To know how to evolve while being complexed

Anyway, it took me a while to accept myself without makeup, and I’m not always perfect at it, but I think I’ve evolved a lot. Now, I go out without makeup, and even if sometimes it’s hard to go in the shops, meet so many people when you’re not comfortable… I force myself to do it cause I have no choice. Sometimes I also regain my self-confidence, like that one evening this winter, I felt good, I was with my family, laughed… Then we went to do groceries, and there was a mirror and my mood changed suddenly completely. I became sad and when I returned home, I cried in my bed in the dark… yeah pretty sad I know haha. But other times, I try to not care and as long as I don’t come a cross a mirror too closely I’m fine!

I don’t even know if other people have already had acne for so long or even longer. For me it seems so long 8 years. It’s almost half of my life, lived with acne !! #shook. I always feel that I should not complain, because there is really worse. But from time to time doesn’t it feel good to complain ?

I have acne for 8 years and this was my brief summary.

Today, my acne has evolved and is much better than in previous years. You can go to the acne section of my blog; you’ll find more articles on it !!! It’s still a fight every day, because unfortunately my mood still depends a lot on my acne, EVEN IF IT SHOULD NOT !!! But I make efforts, when I have break downs (which happens to us all) to tell myself : “ok, you have the right to have a break down, it does not matter you’ll feel better tomorrow”. And guess what … It’s always better the next day! I think break down are normal for humans. Even your favorite celebrities have them! You just have to learn to accept and control them. For me, after spending 15mins moping, I then allow myself to do my favorite things to get back on the right foot!
There are days when I feel that I will have acne all my life, but I tell myself that this is only a phase! We will get out of this !!!

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A LETTER FOR MY ACNE ANNIVERSARY (i have acne for 8 years)...

Thank you for taking the time to read everything. It’s quite personal and not easy to share, but you may be able to identify yourself, I don’t know… haha! If you want to know as soon as I post an article, you can subscribe to my newsletter, I have a new project of weekly mail that you might like…

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