If you are facing acne, you have certainly heard of dairy and acne. In this article I explain how to stop eating dairy products. It’s super simple and your skin (your health too) will thank you !!!


What is lactose ? Lactose is a carbohydrate found in milk and dairy products. It’s digested by an enzyme : lactase. When this enzyme is absent or not produced in sufficient quantity, it then causes digestive problems (intolerance or poor digestion).

The health of the intestinal flora is essential. It allows a good digestion. Moreover, it’s the place of our immunity. A malfunction in the intestine can then have repercussions elsewhere, and therefore in our case : on the skin (acne).

Why you need to avoid milk when you have acne ? Milk and dairy products, besides being difficult to digest (and then have repercussions on the skin), contain pesticide residues, vaccines residues and : acne precursor hormones + growth factors acting directly on acne. Which is not ideal if you have hormonal acne… In addition, milk is acidifying, which causa a risk of inflammation.

How to stop dairy products ?

Don’t be afraid, it’s actually much easier than you think. Just set a goal and not lose sight of it. Mine was to decrease my acne. Whenever I wanted to let myself be tempted by something containing lactose, I thought of the pimples that would then appear on my face. I wondered if it was worth it. In addition, not gonna lie, dairy products are quite greasy, milk is made for calves that have 4 stomachs to digest and weigh more than 300 kg at the age of 1! It can be a deterrent reason no ? Milk is not vital to us and is easily replaceable by plant based products.

Does going little by little works ?

Of course I advise you to go little by little. But as an impatient girl, that’s not what I did lol. I stopped lactose in one go because I was extremely motivated to stop having acne. But i need to admit it, it wasn’t that hard. You’ll learn to read labels, and consume differently. You’ll evolve with this different consumption and discover new products.

With what can i replace dairy products ?

  • Cow’s milk >> with plant-milk : almond, hazelnut, cashew, coconut, soy, or rice milk (and even more…). They are all very good, or have a neutral taste which can be perfect for cooking/baking. HOW TO STOP EATING DAIRY PRODUCTS ?(picture from Pinterest, not mine!)

Plant milks are much more digestible, rich in vitamins and minerals, rich in good fats and don’t contain pesticide/vaccines residues, and : acne precursor hormones + growth factors acting directly on acne.

  • Butter : You can replace it with plant butter (margarine), or with oils : coconut oil (there are some without taste for cooking/baking), olive oil…
  1. Yogurts : You also have the choice. Soy yogurt, coconut yogurt. You’ll certainly find one to your taste, in organic store or even in supermarkets. When I stopped lactose, I switched yogurt from cow’s milk to soy milk yogurt, and now I don’t eat it at all.

In the beginning, you’ll certainly tend to simply replace all your lactose-containing foods with ones thats don’t contains any lactose. Then step by step, you’ll just do without it, well…that’s what happened to me. You’ll lose your “bad habits” like for example, always eating a yogurt at the end of your meal when you are no longer hungry… You’ll change your lifestyle in the long term !

How to overcome your dairy products cravings ?

If you really, really want to eat something containing lactose :

  1. Wait a while to see if it was cause you were bored so wanted to eat or a real craving.
  2. Try the plant version, there are plenty of simple options without lactose.

This tip i regret not knowing it since i stopped dairy products. It’s so easy to succumb to some kind of snack when you’re bored or stressed, then regret it afterwards. So for me now, when I want something not very healthy, I try to wait a little and be sure that that’s what I want.

Did stopping dairy products make my acne go away ?

I must say YES YES YES !!! Stopping dairy products has really been a wise decision regarding my acne. I don’t have big red and inflamed pimples anymore (the ones who hurt). Of course I still have pimples from time to time. But nothing to do with before. (If you want to know more about my acne story it’s HERE). Now I have to get rid of my scars (another problem to solve for Melo !!). I wouldn’t want to go back to dairy products (especially if you know how some people annoy cows just to give us a product we don’t even need ?!!). Drinking a big glass of hormones ? No thanks !

(PS : I’m not a specialist, doctor, naturopath… I just give you the advices that worked for me).
Do not forget that you do this for your good. Being able to eat something good for your body and also taste is so much more enjoyable. Don’t feel restricted and don’t stop eating. You have plenty of other options, life is not made of lactose only. Everything is simply a matter of balance.

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Kisses !! Melo.

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