How did I stop to eat gluten?

In 2014, I discovered (my mom actually, discovered) that diet had a big impact on health. At the time, I was suffering from acne that I was trying to get rid for 4 years already… So after testing a lot of ineffective things, I started to change my diet. At first, i cut out gluten and dairy products. Since then, my acne has been completely different and has evolved a lot. You can go read this article as proof! I don’t have (or very rarely) big painful pimples and my microcysts have also disappeared. Although I think that it’s mainly because i stopped eating lactose/dairy products and eat more fruits and vegetables, I think that cutting out gluten as also helped !


Why you should stop eating gluten according to my naturopathy book:

If you don’t know, gluten is a set of proteins found in cereals: wheat, barley, oats, rye … Some people are intolerant or sensitive.
In naturopathy, gluten is considered as :
Fatty and sticky substance, called “glue”. The glues are eliminated by the liver, the intestine and also by the skin (with the sebaceous glands). And a problem of glue elimination can be explained by runoff, oozing dermatitis, ACNE AT ALL AGE, cysts…
Also, an acidic substance, eliminated by the kidneys, the lungs, and again… the skin! Which gives inflammations.

If you are not gluten intolerant, it’s advisable to not eat too much of it. Because, as with any food, that’s what creates intolerance. Finally, to know if gluten is a problem for you, it’s advisable to stop its total consumption over a period of one month, to see if this is the cause.

How did I go from pizza party to… nothing ?!

Well, already, i don’t think that i am gluten intolerant (although I felt quite heavy after eating gluten).
But I still noticed a relationship with acne. As gluten can disrupt a good digestion and good digestion is essential to have a beautiful skin, I thought that there was necessarily a relationship. The “toxins” are then evacuated by my skin (instead of the toilet if you see what I mean haha), because of the bad digestion that gluten can creates. And since I have acne-prone skin, gluten may be a kind of intolerance to my skin.

My 4 tips:

  • Have a motivation / goal. For me: getting rid of my acne.
  • Do not feel restricted or punished: you do it for your health
  • If stopping gluten seems complicated for you, reduce your quantities little by little. No hurry, let your head get used to this change.
  • Do not blame yourself if you eat a hamburger !! It doesn’t matter ! (if one night you want bread or other, simply prefer whole grains)

By what did I replace gluten?

Honestly, I’m not really for replacing gluten with gluten-free. Gluten-free preparations are made with corn flour, or rice flour and others. These cereals can also be indigestible. But, from time to time, that is not a problem. Although for me, the few times I eat gluten-free bread, I usually have a breakout because it blocks my digestion and also because these flours have a high glycemic index.

How did I stop to eat gluten? (acne, motivation)
How did I stop to eat gluten? (acne, motivation)

So, for bread, I don’t eat it anymore and don’t replace it.
For pasta, I found a much better alternative than gluten-free basic pasta (corn / rice …), coral lentils pasta. They are super good and contain only one ingredient, coral lentil flour.
For cakes,i now make them myself with vegan and paleo recipes (so it’s grain free and gluten free as well). I find my recipes on Pinterest, and you have plenty of choices! I also like to make raw desserts that are also SUPER good and easy to do!
The only cereal I eat is quinoa and coral lentil pasta (that is legumes) (I eat rice sometimes too, but it’s more rare).
But do some tests to see what suits you!

My last instructions to stop gluten:

If you want to make this change in the long term, know that you will get used to it! It was a little complicated for me at first, knowing that I ate gluten (bread, pasta, cake …) at almost every meal. But now, I don’t miss it. Really! We can get used to everything, and there is really worse than stopping gluten haha! Your brain may take some time to adjust to this long-term change. But once done, trust me, you will not think about gluten anymore! You can go read the article where I explain my diet if you want to understand how I ate before to see that i’ve come a long way…
Otherwise, if you just stop gluten for a short time, you just have to keep your goals in mind and everything should be fine!

Remember, it’s normal to be scared and to be a little lost in such a change. You’ve certainly been eating gluten since your birth, so you have to give your brain time to understand that it’s going to change. You will get used to it, don’t doubt it. You just have to be motivated, it’s up to you!

I know some people recommend that you don’t remove a food completely from your diet, but I think we’re all different, so test what works for you and find out! After, again, I’m not a doctor, I share my experience as a girl who has removed foods from her diet to fight acne. But I think that gluten is not an essential food for our diet and that by removing it (from our diet) it could help relieve various problems (I know, for example, that my sister no longer has eczema since she stopped eating  gluten. And for me, my acne has decreased…). It doesn’t cost you anything to try and see !

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How did I stop to eat gluten?
How did I stop to eat gluten? (acne, motivation)

And you, have you stopped gluten ? Why ?

Melody, Fresh and Sunkissed

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  1. Thank you for your share. Gluten was also a problem for me but not for the same reasons, I explain my history on my blog (English below) :

    That’s exactly why I had to change my diet… I didn’t have any choice, my life was really bad before.

    Many thanks for your testimony.
    Hope to read you on my blog or your !

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