Hello, I decided to do this article fso you can know me a little bit better. I tried to pick some questions a bit funny, cause it’s more fun ! Just so you know, sometimes I don’t like to make choices, for example i can’t really choose a favorite movie cause it always changes and for now, i don’t have one that I prefer more than the others. Same for music, series…

Before I start I will just introduce myself quickly in case you haven’t read my ABOUT ME page. My name is Melody, I’m 18 years old (I was born March 22, 1999 in Paris) and I live near Paris. I have a sister (who is two years older than me ), and a brother (who is one year younger than me). We also have two cats (Zaza and Mymozza).

1 / If you were fearless, what would you do ? Everything. I mean, when you don’t have any fears than you can do anything ! (but be careful haha).
2 / If you had just one day left in this world, what would you do ? First of all, this question is scary ! Otherwise, I think I would like to have a good breakfast on a sunny patio/garden, then I would go to the beach, I would have a picnic in the mountain / forest, I would listen to music in the car, then I would go to the cinema, I would then go to the restaurant, and finally I would watch the sunset from a hill. Then I would also like to do something crazy, a crazy adventure, but I don’t know what… (This day has must have more than 24h haha !). All of that with the people I love!
3 / Could you have a conversation with a stranger ? It depends, I’m not very “social”, but if I feel comfortable, why not.
4 / Am I an extrovert or an introvert ? Introvert.
5 / When you feel emotionally exhausted, what are you doing to re energize ? I’ll do a little depression that consists of doing nothing like a wandering soul (haha). No, seriously, in those moments, it’s hard for me to stay positive, but I know that i’ll always get better… so in the meantime, I watch YouTube videos, or I sit on my sofa doing nothing cause too much is going in my head. (but if I could, I would go for a walk on the beach to relax).
6 / What size do I do? I am 1,66cm.
7 / Do you prefer dogs or cats? Cats, I have always had cats since I was little, but I have never had dogs. But i still love dogs too !
8 / Sweet or salty ? Sweet !
9 / Favorite social media? Instagram 😉
10 / If you could change something in you (not necessarily physical) what would it be? Stop being shy, so always be comfortable and not afraid of anything.
11 / Do you like when we compliment you or are you uncomfortable each time ? I am uncomfortable but it makes me happy. So, both!
12 / Do you believe in love at first sight ? Yes. (when I see myself every morning in the mirror… No I’m joking haha ​​!!!!!)
13 / Do you believe in soul mate ? Yes. (heart on you Zaza, it’s my cat)
14 / Do you believe in karma ? Yes Yes Yes.
15 / Do you believe in destiny ? Yes.
16 / What would you like to accomplish one day ? I would like to be financially free (buy my own home), but mostly mentally. Being free in the way that i wouldn’t limit myself to do anything (legal, i’m not a thug). I just one day, want to do everything I want.
17 / What’s stopping you from starting to realize it right now ? Nothing, you are right.
18 / If money didn’t matter, what would you do in life?… I don’t know, I’m not passionate about anything in particular. I pretty much a multifaceted. But precisely, I think that I would try to do everything that I like. But I don’t know what job.
19 / What do you think of, at night when you go to bed ? I think about  the future and about the next day. Basic. Or I can’t sleep because I have too many ideas and thoughts in mind about my blog !
20 / Where do you feel the most comfortable ? Of course, at home. In the bathroom or in my bed. But for a less basic answer (we’ll say), I love being at the beach and being in Paris too (it has nothing to do, I know).
21 / What would be your ideal destination to go on a trip ? In a warm place (but not too much) with the beach. A lot of sun ! Somewhere where there is nature but city too.
22 / Are you sure of what you want to do as a job in life ? No. Not at all.
23 / What was the job of your dreams when you were young ? I didn’t have one. But I wanted to open a pizzeria !
24 / What is your highest quality, according to you ? I’m funny.  And I can put myself in the shoes of others to understand them. I take a step back.
25 / What is your highest quality, according to your family ? Persistent and passionate.
26 / If you were a man for a week, what would you do ? Certainly nothing more than what I do as a girl…
27 / What was your biggest madness moment ? I think it has not happened yet… or those are things that i’ll tell you later…we just met comon haha !
28 / What do you know that you need to improve in life? Self confidence.
29 / If you could come back to a moment in your life, not to change something, but to appreciate that moment, what would you choose ? My childhood. (It looks like I’m old haha). When you’re old enough to have memories, but young enough to be carefree.
30 / What is your favorite movie style ? I love action movies (not with lots of weapons and fights either) suspense movies and kind of romantic movies too. Movies that are out of the ordinary, with magic also.
31 / What is the movie that you could watch in a loop ? For now the only ones I can see without being bored (I get bored easily, except when it comes to food), are the High School Musical’s movies. The Disney Channel’s movies too, because it reminds me of my childhood ! Movies in the cinema are long and if I’ve seen it before, I know what’s going to happen. So it’s complicated to stay focused. For High School Musical it’s different. There is music ! Otherwise I also like the movies “Now you see me”. And I also think they should make a Gossip Girl movie, it could be really good if it’s well did !
32 / My favorite music style ? Pop, RnB, Hip Hop. I also listen to Reggae-style music sometimes and during the Christmas season, I like Jazz (Christmas) music.
33 / Who is your favorite artist of all time? This question is difficult ! ummm… Beyoncé, Camila Cabello, (Fifth Harmony too, but they’re 4 so I do not know if that counts for this question). They are both amazing artists of course, and they also share good values ​​(hard work, being passionate, kind, giving the best of themselves…). But I like a lot of other artists too.
34 / My favorite series ? I only watched “Gossip Girl” this year (i mean, it’s from 2012 and i watched it in 2017 haha), but I loved it. I also like “Life Unexpected”, “Scream”, “The 100” (but I stopped at Season 2… oops). “Stranger Things” and “Riverdale”. (There must be others, but I don’t remember…)


SMALL GAME : choose a random number and answer (in the comments) to the corresponding question. I would love to read all that, that’s fun !!

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