Eating RAW FOODS to get rid of my acne ! Follow me on this adventure !

Hello, today is the 22nd of May 2018 and I decided to gradually (re)try to eat raw foods. Eating raw foods to get rid of my acne! I will post an article per week to keep you informed but you can also follow everything on a daily basis on my instastory! (These articles are part of #AcneUpdatesWithMelo, which I added as a category under the “acne” menu of my blog!).

Getting rid of acne by eating raw foods :

The goal of this adventure: eating raw. The most possible ! Juices, salads, smoothies … I had done it last year and I liked it a lot. I stopped when it started getting cold.
I started this first week by eating at least one 100% raw meal per day as i wasn’t very organized and didn’t had all the fruits and veggies I needed. But I know, little by little, I would eat more and more raw vegan foods!

Aims to eat raw: get rid of my acne, and repair my skin. It’s been 8 years that I have acne and apart from healthy eating, nothing has ever relieved me so far. However, I can assure you that I tested a lot of things … But I came to the conclusion that healing from the inside was the most important! Creams, masks or serum can help, but they are just bonuses. To see from day to day what I eat and what I bla bla about, follow MY INSTA! I love sharing this journey in videos in my story!

Raw foods against my acne: 1st week!

As I said, I’m starting this adventure to get rid of my pimples. But what motivated me this time was a big breakout due to less good nutrition than usual. If you go read my articles about what kind of diet i have and my acne story and journey, you will see that I eat quite healthy all the time. But my skin needs more to totally heal. That’s what I understood from all my “experiences”! I started this adventure on May 22 with you, on insta story. For now, I managed to eat at least one 100% raw meal a day, no problem! I started slowly, but my pimples are already much less inflamed.

From 22/05 to 24/05:
In the mornings, I make myself a juice (cucumber, apple, orange, ginger, turmeric, celery) and a mashed banana called “miam” in french (a mashed banana, coconut oil, linseed + strawberries and walnuts / almonds on top).
The first two lunches, I ate coral lentil pasta with curry coconut sauce (vegan and gluten free).
For diners: potatoes with onions and peppers and the other night, a salad with some home-made gluten-free vegan pizza!
You see it’s not 100% raw, but without organization it’s not easy haha ! But i’ll get better don’t worry (as you can see from the pictures of the rest of the 1st week’s meals !)

For the rest of the week, here are some photos of what i ate, which are cooler than read what i ate haha

Eating RAW FOODS to get rid of my acne ! Follow me on this adventure !
Eating RAW FOODS to get rid of my acne

My meals have remained quite similar. But, I admit that I don’t get tired quickly of a meal that I like and also, I was not 100% organized (as I have already repeated 50 times haha!).

Eating raw foods, my changes after a week (acne):

I think this week has gone by pretty fast haha! For now, my skin has already changed! It’s less inflamed, and my breakout has stopped!
I noticed that I was going to the toilets more regularly. Sorry if it’s too much information for you, but hey, we all go to the bathroom ok ?! So no shame haha!
And if we evacuate in this way, the toxins will not be evacuated by our skin (#pimples)!

You know it (or not), but I really like to snack, just because I like to eat … But this week, I was pretty busy so I didn’t snecked. At the end of the week, I was stressed, I almost had to eat compulsively, but I convinced myself not to! And I just sncaked on some cashews. Ok … a whole package of cashews but it’s ok. It calmed my stress (it’s rich in magnesium).
It also seems that I my skin is more tan, certainly thanks to the juices !
And otherwise, I feel good. No complaint, I like to eat like that and it feels good to my skin.

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Eating RAW FOODS to get rid of my acne ! Follow me on this adventure !
Eating RAW FOODS to get rid of my acne

The purpose of these articles is to live this adventure with you, and show you the concrete evolution of my skin over the weeks with this diet. But also to stay as honest as possible by sharing everything I feel, good or bad. This week, I didn’t really notice negative sides, so that’s pretty cool! But if there are any, I’ll tell you!

I also wanted to specify that, I don’t want to restrict myself with this “diet”, I’m going eat when i’m hungry ! This is not a diet to lose weight…That’s a lifestyle that i want to pursue in the long time term (when it’s hot, not in the winter even tho i would do my best). So, if you restrict yourself it’s NEVER gonna work !  You have to enjoy this way of eating and find healthy recipes that you like and never feel restricted! We often forget that it’s not because it’s healthy that it’s not good!

1. You gotta be balanced
2. You have to find healthier options for everything! (cooking/baking yourself as well!)

(For example, raw desserts are so good and they’re healthy! That doesn’t mean that you have to eat the whole cake at once, because it’s not #balanced. And being healthy means being #balanced!)

Have you ever eaten Raw foods ?

I think there will be improvements from weeks to weeks so follow me on this adventure! I can not wait to see my skin get rid of my acne !!

Melody Fresh and Sunkissed!

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