2 MONTHS AFTER MY CHANGE OF DIET (raw/acne) #AcneUpdatesWithMelo

Hello !!
I am very happy, cause it’s already been 2 months since I started this change of diet! Or more like an improvement in my diet, to get rid of my acne. Obviously, it’s something that takes time, it’s not gonna be an overnight change, BUT the progress are here, and I’m happy! (which is the most important, right? haha)
If you want to know more about the changes i did in my diet to improve my acne, it’s HERE. But today, i’m gonna compare my skin 2 months ago (when I started the change) and my skin now. And I will tell you the improvements I feel and my advice.LET’S GO !

My improvements :

Well, for now I’m going there gently. We’ll say that I drink something like 3 fresh juices (fruits + vegetables) per week, and I try to eat as raw as possible (like salads, but cool salads😎). I also eat cooked meals, but I try to balance to give my body the most vitamins and nutrients to “repair” itself.

I know that the changes are not so blatant. But, I feel that my skin is a lot less inflamed (red) and my mother told me thatmy skin has improved so it’s cool hihi. My skin is more even and now, long periods can happen before I have active pimples.
When I started this change (in February), my skin was not the worst it has ever been, but I still had several pimples that bothered me and came back regularly. While when I eat raw, I don’t have any (or they’re smaller as i say down there!)
Oh and, what I also noticed is that I have a lot less blackheads on my nose and also less redness on there!

Take a look at those before / after photos. (the left one is from February 25 and the right one is from April 25!).

By the way, did you notice, everytime in the before / after photos, people smile in the “after” photo and not in the other? !! I did the same thing here… oops 😂.

2 MONTHS AFTER MY CHANGE OF DIET (raw/acne) #AcneUpdatesWithMelo

In the photo, below, I admit that we can’t really see improvements. I also have some small pimples that appeared, but to be honest, compared to pimples that I would have had without eating raw, that’s nothing ! These one are quite small and are not very inflamed.
The causes:  stress and I also ate a bar of chocolate (100g that’s okay…). It was vegan chocolate, so without it didn’t contain milk, but coconut milk and also coconut sugar, not cane sugar. Which would have been worse! Maybe, also a lack of sleep. I also started testing the GUA SHA tool. So that’s maybe why, I don’t know yet.

I noticed that when I drink fresh fruits and vegetables juice and eat better (raw food), I don’t want to snack. While usually I LOVE to snack throughout the day. Wich is not logical, because i just told you that I ate chocolate, but my mother bought it for me ! Otherwise, I snack much less right now.

2 MONTHS AFTER MY CHANGE OF DIET (raw/acne) #AcneUpdatesWithMelo

How will I continue this improvement? / Eating raw?

So, for the moment, i like the improvments. Even tho i would like it to be faster but i’m really impatient ! But, I will try to eat even more raw food, especially since it’s summer soon! So, it will be much easier. Anyway, I already said it, but eating raw is not complicated for me. I like making salads, miams (it’s a breakfast, but i don’t know how to say it in english sorry haha!), smoothies / smoothies bowl and a nice creams. And raw desserts (like these BROWNIES) are super good so … I don’t find it hard. And I know that eating this way improves my skin and gives me energy … So really, I don’t see the problem!
After, don’t go crazy and be too strict with oneself cause, it’s a lifestyle that will not last a long time in the long run. But if you want to try, now is the best season!

My advice:

Don’t be too strict with yourself, especially if this is the first time you adopt this diet. Don’t tell yourself “oh, but I don’t like vegetables…”. No, try it, and after you can have your opinion. Just choose the fruits and vegetables that you like and try to be varied, there are plenty! (Even though i can easily eat the same things everyday haha). Go little by little and don’t change everything at once. Even if it’s tempting. Why? Because you will get bored of it two weeks after and say that it didn’t work. But it takes time for your body and skin to repair itself.

Then another tip: pay more attention to what’s in your plate than what’s in your bathroom (beauty/skincare products). Because in my opinion, (it’s different for everyone, but), the most important thing to improve your acne is your diet. It’s important to take care of the inside, that’s what works better (according to me)And fruits and vegetables have so many powers and benefits that it would be a shame to deprive them. While creams and masks have so many “ingredients” etc … I think + your skincare routine is better when it’s the most simple. So find a simple and natural routine that you love and don’t test out too much expensive products. And also, don’t have too much hope in them, and think that they’re gonna be miraculous. They will help you, but diet is the most important.

Here are pictures of me without makeup and who tries to be cool 😂.2 MONTHS AFTER MY CHANGE OF DIET (raw/acne) #AcneUpdatesWithMelo

That’s all for this second #AcneUpdatesWithMelo! Go see the first HERE, if it is not already done, and then you can also follow me on instagram where I share every day with you!

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2 MONTHS AFTER MY CHANGE OF DIET (raw/acne) #AcneUpdatesWithMelo

Melody, Fresh and Sunkissed!

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