How to spend a cocooning / cozy afternoon?

If you follow a bit my blog, I think that you know that I like cocooning things and being cozy. I love being in comfortable clothes. So today I’m going to share my version of a cocooning afternoon + a selection of cozy home decorations items ! I know it has nothing to do with diet, acne and healthy living, but I don’t like to stay in a box. So I want to share everything I like! (apparently the cozy / cocooning atmosphere is really similar to the hygge one, but I don’t know much about it yet, so if you know more about it than i do, tell me !!).

How to spend a cocooning / cozy afternoon?

(These photos come from Pinterest, I do not know their “authors”!).

My definition of a cocooning afternoon:  

A cocooning afternoon is an afternoon where you are super relaxed and calm. You do nothing special except relaxing. You are with the people you love, your pets or alone (it works too!). The most important thing is that there must be only good vibes ! You must feel good. Like in a little cocoon 😉

The rules for a cocooning and cozy moment :  

Be comfortably dressed and have blankets, plaids, pillows, and the more cozy things possible!
Then, unless you’re comfortable like that, it’s best not to wear makeup. That way you can lie down easily without putting any traces of makeup everywhere. I find the atmosphere more cozy if there are dim lights and light garlands. I adoooore light garlands (it’s extremely cocooning haha!). Then it’s also good to have candles (which will not give you a headache because of their heady smell).
Finally, the last essential : a hot drink! A tea, a coffee (if that relaxes you), hot chocolate (my favorite hot drink, even though I really like tea). You just need your favorite hot drink.

You are now ready to spend a cocooning afternoon !
All you have to do is choose a movie, a serie, a vlog (I love vlogs) or a book. You can either discover new things to watch/read, or watch classics that you already love. I have trouble choosing my favorites movies… cause i always change my mind haha ! (HERE I tell you more about me), but I made you a small movies/series/vlogers selection (lower).

My home decor selection of cocooning and cozy items :

Some movies/series and vlogs ideas to watch :  

To spend a cozy moment, I prefer a film or a serie without too much actions or suspense (cause it’s kind of stressful haha, even if I love this kind of films). Otherwise it does not i feel like it doesn’t put you in a relaxing atmosphere… but it’s like you want !  So I still put some movies and series ideas with actions, suspense. I find that watching vlogs is really relaxing too. (The photos below are from Pinterest)

How to spend a cocooning / cozy afternoon? How to spend a cocooning / cozy afternoon?


– Home Alone
– The secret life of pets (an animated movie)
– Happy New Year
– Best Enemies (with Anne Hathaway)
– Harry Potter
– Despicable me
– Adaline (The Age of Adaline)
– Maid in Manhattan
– Just My Luck (with Lindsay Lohan)

Series : (gonna try to not be too basic…update…i am basic apparently sorry haha)

– Gossip Girl
– Stranger things (I admit, it’s not too relaxed but I like…)
– New Girls
– Girl Boss
– The good place
– Glee (it’s been awhile since I did not look, but I was watching all the time with my brother and sister).

Vlogs : (the vloggers I love!)

– MoreZoella
– Sarah’s day
– TaraMichelleVlogs
– Aspyn and Parker
– Summer Mckeen Vlogs
– AlishaMarieVlogs
– Tatiana Ringsby
– Syds Life (her main channel is Sydney Serena)
– Annie Jaffrey (she doesn’t post lots of vlogs, but they are good + calm and relaxing).
– Ayexmadeline (She has a channel with her boyfriend, they meet at a drive-thru and he was working there.This meeting was filmed because she was shooting a video !).
– Erika Saccone (you’ll love it if you like talkative youtubers haha!) And yes, it’s Anna Saccone-Joly’s sister!)
– Jenesuispasbavarde (she’s french)
– Jess and Gabriel (I love them !!!)
– Liv B Lifestyle
– MoreOfTess (if the life of a New York fashion lover may interest you).
– PointlessBlogVlogs

What do you think of this article? Share your definition of cocooning and also your favorite movies / series or vloggers !!!  

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cocooning / cozy afternoon?

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