If you don’t know me, hello. I’m Melody, I’m 18 and recently i became vegan. Well I don’t like saying that because it puts me in a box and I hate it. But it’s true that could maybe qualify my diet as vegan. So you can know me better, i decided to explain why I became vegan.

Why did I became vegan ?

Everything started 3 years ago. When I discovered that diet had a big impact on acne (which I suffered for 3-4 years then). I explain my diet here if you wanna know more !  And at the same time, if you want to know exactly what being vegan means, I also did an article, HERE. But basically, in 2014, I started by stopping dairy products (as well as gluten). I didn’t eat anything containing dairy, but I was still eating goat cheese. I continued to eat honey, and very rarely meat and fish. You must know that I have never really loved meat (which is good!).

A change due to my acne. But I wanted to go further…

After reading that the meat was not great for acne (because of the hormones, antibiotics and other medications that are in it), I decided to stop eating it. I immediately stopped eating fish. Moreover, I found that eating more fruits and vegetables completely stopped my desire for meat.

In early 2017, I started to learn about veganism. I learned that some people no longer eat ANY animal products. Eggs ? Honey ? I then asked myself questions. Again, I’m not a big consumer of eggs or honey anyway. I stopped eating eggs after seeing an ad before a YouTube video, (This one, you should go see it 😉*it’s in french*) and after eating an egg that was not very good… I then stopped eating honey when I saw that there were alternatives with a much lower glycemic index (so…better for my acne).

Basically : since April 2017, I no longer eat dairy, meat, fish, eggs or honey. Oh yes, and I don’t really remember why, but I also stopped goat cheese at the same time.

Am I selfish ?

Until then, all these changes I was doing had the unique purpose of getting rid of my acne. I really wanted to put the odds in my favor to overcome this disease (yes in my opinion it is one). Also, i had a new point of view on food, on food that was good for our body. I tried to only consume products that had profit for my body (if it makes sense haha). To remineralize my body and my skin. (Besides, I don’t know why I’m talking to the past, it’s still the case lol).
It may seem selfish, because I made all these changes, at first, to overcome one of my problems…

The click !

This summer (approximately in June 2017 I think), I came across the famous Gary Yourofsky video. * insert sigh of style : speechless, nothing to add / “drop the mic” *. I will not give you a summary, because I think you should REALLY go see this video ! It will open your eyes if it’s not already done. So it was then that I realized… I realized that not only this diet was beneficial for me, for my health, but also for millions of animals (if I may say…).

Like all of you, when I was little I loved animals (I still love them tho haha :p), and so logically, I’m not supposed to like to see them suffer. So when I learned (thanks to this video), that pigs, chickens, cows… suffered as much just for our taste pleasure ? !! just so we humans can eat them ? !! It sickened me. And I’m not even aware of all the abuse they endure because I can’t stand to see these videos (#wimp).

Man’s cruelty :

In Gary Yourofsky’s video, we see the behavior of humans, they feel superior to animals, while the animals are just… different. Then humans mistreat them, as if they had no emotions, no feelings. As if they were not thinking. It annoys me (I’m getting mad on my keyboard here haha). So since that day, I’ve decided that I will not eat animal products anymore. Not only for my health, but also for animals. In addition, I don’t think at all that we need to kill them to feed us, because we already have so many choices with fruits and vegetables. Why KILLING ? I think some people do not realize that they have dead animals on their plates…Dead for their simple taste pleasure.

I’m not following the Vegan Ethic ???

I think you have now figured out why I don’t really like being categorized as vegan.

I feel like a sham (compared to other vegans) because I haven’t started this diet change for the same reasons. In general you become vegan for the animals, you are ethical and activist for this cause.

I started because of my acne. But I opened my eyes. I have never demonstrated for the animal cause and I don’t know that much about veganism. But we are all different (the girl who tries to console herself haha). There are in my opinion several types of vegan people. And today, I have more of a vegan diet than lifestyle. Eventually I will become an “ethical vegan”, and I will pay more attention to the products I buy. Like skincare, makeup, clothes. Pay attention to know if what i buy is cruelty free. But for now I’m trying to fight my acne (which is a big complex).

I am absolutely not here to lecture anyone, because we are all free to do what we want. But these animals were free too ? (well, I’ll stop haha) My sister and my mother eat meat (not daily either, but sometimes). And I respect their choices. My brother has almost the same diet as me.

Everyone does what they want and I think (hopefully) that under the influence of the vegans movement, consumers will gradually become aware of this situation. Even if they do it because of a health problem, like me ! I would like vegans not to be in this category of “strange” people who only eat salad. Cause, first of all, that’s false and in addition, in reality we are the one who eat “normally”. Should we be blamed for eating food that comes from the earth ? Should we be reproached for not killing ?

I hope this article has helped you to know me maybe a little better, and that he will have answered the question “Why am I vegan?”. In addition, I also hope that my words will not hurt anyone, it’s not the goal (but I know that this subject can be sensitive sometimes…). I’m not here to judge, but to share with who wants to read !


See you later in a future article !! Melo ♡

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