What is a vegan lifestyle ?

Being vegan is much more than a food trend or a society trend. Veganism is a way of life that has an ethic : realizing that animals can also experience emotions and feelings. Vegans fight against speciesism. Today i’m explaining you what’s a vegan lifestyle

What is a vegan lifestyle ?

Being vegan :

Definition : What being vegan mean ? It’s simple, a vegan excludes any animal product from his diet and his daily life. It’s someone who adopts an animal-friendly lifestyle : don’t buy leather clothes for example, or cosmetics tested on animals (not cruelty free). Therefore, it’s someone who is against any form of animal exploitation.

Don’t be afraid !! Being against any form of animal exploitation does not necessarily mean that you must now participate in every demonstration against animal exploitation or wear “animal propaganda” t-shirts every day. Of course these are good methods to make our voices heard. But you can also combat animal abuse simply through your daily lifestyle (having a vegan lifestyle). I’m telling you that because I was afraid to define myself as a vegan. I felt a lot less “active” than other vegan person that I follow on youtube or instagram. But simply eating differently to avoid harming animals makes me a vegan (click here if you want to know why I became vegan). By deciding not to consume animal products we directly save the lives of thousands of animals.

What does a vegan lifestyle looks like ?

The vegan diet does not include any animals food. Which means, no meat, fish, eggs, dairy products (cheese, milk, butter) or no honey. A vegan lifestyle include a plant based diet. Many fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals. There is also a lot of substitute. Meat substitutes, such as tofu preparations and dairy substitutes (I did an article where I give tips on “how to stop eating dairy products” 😉), plant butter,  almonds, hazelnuts, coconut or oats milks… soy yogurts.

There is a wide choice to avoid animal food.

Regarding clothing or accessories, vegans don’t buy any animals stuff. No leather, wool, silk…

A vegan person makes sure to buy products not tested on animals : cruelty free !

The benefits of veganism :

What is a vegan lifestyle ? What is a vegan lifestyle ?







What is a vegan lifestyle ?

What is a vegan lifestyle ?








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Different types of vegan :

Tell me in comments if you’d like me to do an article describing the different types of vegan people, or the different ways of being vegan:)

Conclusion :

If you love animals but do not know how to help them. Or want to help to fight the inequality of species. Having a vegan lifestyle will certainly please you. All you have to do is eat a different diet. By making this choice, you’ll peacefully express your refusal to participate in the exploitation of animals.

You may be afraid to call yourself vegan because you don’t want to be categorized. We don’t want our every move to be analyzed, judged and had unpleasant remarks. But I think you really shouldn’t go to too much trouble. The most important are the small changes you’ll make every day. Then, don’t lose sight of your goal. As long as you give the best of you to improve : the life of animals, the lives of others, the environment or your life, we can only encourage you.

Thank you for reading this article. I am not a pro at all regarding veganism. But it’s a movement that I like and whose ideologies I validate. I just wanted to make it clear to those who were wondering what concretely having a vegan lifestyle and being vegan consists of.

Don’t forget to tell me in the comment if you’d like me to do an article describing the different types of vegan people, or the different ways of being vegan !!!

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