For some, being vegan during the end of year can be a real challenge. This is the time of year when we eat the most. When we go to visit family or friends, we don’t always know what will be on the menu. It can be a bit stressful. In this article, I will not really talk to you about the “ethical” side (if i can say), of being vegan. But to be vegan in his diet. I will simply share tips for staying vegan during the holiday season. Those are tips that I would have loved to know earlier, or that I now give to my loved ones.
My next articles will be on “how to be fine with your diet when you’re with your family…” and “how to maintain your weight during the holidays”. I hope these articles will be useful to some ! Now let’s go for 4 tips on how to stay vegan during the holidays!

If you want to know more about my diet or why I’ve become vegan (click). Otherwise i’m afraid that i’ll repeat myself too much, haha. But basically, I became vegan because of my acne. Now, I like to pay attention to what I eat. I do not restrict myself, but I choose better foods to compose my meals so they are the most beneficial to me. And I love chocolate too ! Let’s start this article on being vegan during the end of year !!!!

1 / Do not be afraid to refuse a dish (non vegan) :

Just because it’s the holidays, does not mean that you have to pause on your food choices. If you want to make an exception, it’s totally okay. The most important thing is that it’s YOUR choice and not because your grandmother or another member of your family will have forced you. “Take some turkey, some cheese, you want some christmas log?…” You do what you want. It’s your body so you alone decide what you want to feed him. It is not because you refuse, that you are rude. (And if you are offered non-vegan chocolates, you can also refuse them or give them to someone who will enjoy them more than you will !).

2 / Bring a meal :

If you are invited to someone’s house, you can bring food. That way, you’re sure you can eat at least one thing haha ​​(i mean…if you don’t eat for one night, you’ll not die … you will fill your stomach the next day !). You can also bring a dessert. A vegan cake, vegan chocolates, vegan cinnamon cookies (and paleo 😉)... If you do not feel like cooking, there are more and more vegan options in supermarkets and organic stores and even here, on my blog ! I shared several recipes that may interest you hihi.

3 / Choose the restaurant :

If your family wants to go to the restaurant, try to make sure that you decide the place. Like that, you can choose a restaurant with vegan options (or vegetarian, depending on your diet). With my family, we do not go much to the restaurant (because everyone’s busy haha) so I may not be the best to advise you on this, but one thing is certain, do not worry too much!

What i don’t like at the restaurant is that you can’t know all the ingredients they use. Which can be stressful when you pay attention to your diet. But it does not matter ! It’s exceptional and you’re here to have a good time. Try to choose a restaurant rather safe (look at the reviews online it’s so easy now) and don’t worry too much for this one meal (like in supermarkets, restaurants have more and more vegans/vegetarians options…). And then at worst, you can always order fries !

4 / Want to snack while watching a christmas movie but you don’t know what ?

Again, on my blog, you can find several nice little recipes (on my insta too haha !). But otherwise, there are plenty of options !! Really ! A cool activity when your on holidays, is to bake some goodies ! And that’s a great time to try some new recipes. You can also do like me and search on Pinterest. You will for sure find what you want ! I loooove Pinterest !!!
Otherwise, if you are too lazy to cook, prepare your stocks when you go shopping ! Because even if in the daily I don’t buy too much stuff to snack (I don’t have much self-control… oops), I know that during the holidays, I would want to eat. So we must be organized to not be frustrated ! It’s super important !!!! (I am not organized all the time, but i’m working on it).

Here are some of my favorites healthy snacks : (to buy)

– Grilled almonds
– Salted Cashews
– Vegan coconut sugar chocolate (my fav is a from a french brand, cause i’m french : artisan du monde, it’s so good but if you don’t live in france you can maybe find it somewhere or find the same ! i mean vegan chocolate is easy to find, but what i like about this one is that there is no refined sugar or cane sugar. Only coconut sugar which is better for my acne).
– Fruits, (clementines, oranges, pears, apples for the winter).

I haven’t found already baked cakes that fit my “requirements” (my diet is mostly vegan, gluten free and I also try to be paleo, but I’m not 100%) but if you have some near you, like for example raw cakes (the best 😍) than go ahead ! (By the way if you know addresses where they sell raw cakes in Paris … i’m here, share with me haha!).

I obviously don’t strictly follow all these tips. But to be vegan during the end of the year, I try to do the best possible. But “do what I say not what I do” haha. (It’s a joke).
These are very simple, and obvious, advice that can sometimes be forgotten or not dared to carry out. Of course holidays are made to please others, but to also please yourself. And there is nothing wrong with that ! If you want to please your loved ones by accepting a meal that will hurt you, it will not please you and therefore to them either. I know it’s embarrassing when it’s family that we only see once a year, I understand. But hey, it needs to be put into perspective.

Food is good, it’s life, but not only ! You must not forget to spend beautiful moments with your loved ones, have fun, relax and laugh ! We tend to pay too much attention to food (and overeat, especially at this time of year), but we were not created to eat 24/24 ! So relax and enjoy the moment because you know as well as me that it goes by way too fast!

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