These aren’t the advices of a weight specialist, a doctor or a “fitgirl”. Just advices that I would give to my friends if they wanted to avoid gaining weight during the holidays. The advices of Melo (it’s me), 18 years old, who likes to eat healthy (but who also really loves chocolate !) and who wants to maybe help you maintain your weight during the holidays
It happened to me (as for most of us), to take a little weight during the holiday season, but nothing bad. That’s why I think my advices may help you (I hope). All the advices I use everyday to make sure I eat healthy without being frustrated and without being too disturbed when I eat too much cake! (Oops).

Weight has always been a sensitive subject. And now more than ever because of social medias. We tend to compare ourselves to each others (yes i do it too unfortunately). But we are all different. Nobody has the same body, it’s like that ! (and without even mentioning photo editing …).
In this article i’m gonna talk about how you can maintain your weight during the holidays. Avoiding gaining weight during the holidays (end of year), or, how not to take 10 pounds during the Christmas holidays haha ​​it’s going to be the subject of this article.

Without external problems (stress, diseases…) it seems easy to maintain your weight on a the daily. Without necessarily realizing it, we are all in a routine where we often buy and eat the same things by idleness (it’s bad) or simply because we love our little recipes and are not ready to discover ‘others (when i find a dish that i like, i can eat it every day for a month !). At least, it’s like that for me…

I have a little food routine that makes my weight pretty stable (I do not weigh myself, so I don’t know my exact weight and it’s maybe better like this). But if I take some weight or if I get more skinny, I realize it thanks to my jeans… haha.
The most important thing is to feel good in our body without getting stuck on the number indicated by our scale. I could also do an article on “how to feel good in your body”… we’ll see!
Finally, let’s get to the heart of the subject let’s goooo!

Learn to avoid gaining weight during the holidays :

1 / First, do not worry too much about it.

Even if you gain weight on a special occasion, it’s not the end of the world ! On the contrary, if you gain weight during the holidays, it shows that at least you had fun (and that you were offered a lot of chocolates. Which is cool and nice. Say thank you to your loved ones 😉 ).

2 / Do not be frustrated !

During the holidays, when you’re with your family, you can’t necessarily control what will be on the table. So, as it happens once a year, do yourself a favor, and do as you feel. If you want to take a piece of christmas log, take it. If this cake fits your diet (vegan, gluten-free or other), it’s still better. Otherwise it does not matter. If you’re not at home, you will not have control over what you’ll eat. It’s just temporary so do not worry too much.

Frustration is something I know because of my acne, cause I change my diet. In the past, i’ve been really frustrated cause i couldn’t eat the same things as others. I was frustrated cause i couldn’t eat chocolate bars, lemon pies… But little by little I just learned to not restrict myself, and to see things differently. Also (and especially) finding healthier alternatives (this is the next point), it really helped. Now, i never (or rarely) find myself craving “bad things” such as fast food, prepared food and…everything that’s basically not good for you haha…I know how bad it could be for our health and my skin (i agree, eating a square of chocolate ain’t gonna kill nobody, don’t be extra haha! But i’m sure that you know as i do, that bad eating daily is not healthy …).

Do not despair ! Cause, the healthier you’ll eat, the more your body will crave healthy, non-toxic food. It can seem hard at first but trust me, it will get easier and a real pleasure, it will became a lifestyle !

3 / Find healthier alternatives.

For example MY SNICKERS RECIPE which is a much healthier alternative than normal and super good (delicious !!!). You’ll find a healthy version for almost anything (the taste may be slightly different, but you’ll still be happy, do not worry !!!).

4 / Your holiday lifestyle is different than your daily lifestyle !

For my part, holidays are synonyms of relaxation and sleep. But if you don’t move at all and that you eat more, you’ll store fat because you do not use them. I’m not telling you to go to the gym everyday, but for example to do small walks every day (like twenty minutes walks, it does not hurt !). Just being a little bit active to balance. Walking is cool and it’s a sport without being too hard !

5 / Don’t be too extra with the good things

And finally, my last tip to avoid gaining weight during the holidays: stay balanced. Do not just eat chocolate (or anything else) for 15 days, because you’re going to have a hard time stopping after, and then you’re going to have a liver attack… All those bad sweet things make us addicts. So the more you’ll eat them, the more you’ll want them. Just try to be the more balanced possible and if not, that’s okay, it’s just for a period of time, you’ll get thru this !

I am doing this article to share tips for learning to maintain a stable weight. Not to make you go on a diet, lose weight, or restrict yourself during the holidays !! This is the cruelest thing (if you offer me some chocolate, it would be a shame to refuse hihi unless it’s not vegan of course and I if i don’t want it!). Restriction is never good because after a while, you’ll implode and eat everything you’ll see ! I do not lecture anyone in this article. It can be complicated to talk about a subject like that in writing because you can misinterpret what is written. But none of what I said is meant to make you feel bad or frustrate … I hope these simple tips can help you!

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What are your tips to maintain weight during the holidays ?

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