Ah acne… that word we don’t want to say because we’re afraid of having it. Why does it exists ? We didn’t have enough problems to solve on earth ? Today I’m here to tell you my acne story and journey. What having acne was like for me. Well… I would have preferred a great “storytime” to tell you to make you laugh or share an embarrassing moment (although there will certainly be with me…) but hey, we do with what we have…



Before I start, I just want to point out the fact that I didn’t knew what acne was before… I lived my life as a child I played, I cried because didn’t want to go to school, just a normal child’s life you know. I was far from suspecting what was going to happen to me (crazy suspense right ?)

The start of something new… (hope you know this reference!)

I started having acne in 5th grade (in 2010/2011). Some small, slightly red buttons on the forehead (microcysts if you want to be more technical). If I had known the acne I was going to have after, I wouldn’t complained for this… We sure can say that it’s nothing very serious that “every teenagers have acne…” but no. I was the only one having acne at 11 years old ! With hindsight, I remember that at that time, I didn’t really cared, but it bothered me because I was the only one to have acne and that I don’t like to be the center of attention (yes when you have acne you believe that 1.everyone is always watching you and 2. people are watching your pimples and not you…). But it wasn’t a big complexed (yet).

Worse and worse :

Then comes the start of 6th grade, and of course, the start of the periods … (it’s a bit embarrassing to share this detail but hey, it’s kind of the basis of life right ?…) Anyway, just some more that made me feel lonely, i was 12 years old and hit puberty while no one in my class was in this state. Besides, I didn’t want to accept having my period (literally…).

Puberty = having stronger acne  (well in my case). I had bigger, red pimples that were now also on my temples. It was at this time that I really began to have a complexed. I went to see a dermatologist with my mother. She prescribed me creams and capsules to take (zinc and cod liver oil). During the first two weeks, my skin peeled a lot (I have sensitive skin too). So I decreased my use of creams, then gradually my acne was a little better. It didn’t last. My skin got used to creams so they didn’t work anymore and all my pimples came back. A bit like the sun, we always say that when you have acne and you are exposed, your pimples will disappear and then reappear but duplicate.

At this point, in addition to the big red pimples that hurt, I started having scars. Unsatisfied, I decided to stop the creams of the dermatologist and I began to do some research myself. I tested other products more or less effective and even sometimes expensive. To hide my acne, I started putting on makeup. I couldn’t go out without makeup so I was complexed. And everything changed in May 2014…

May 2014, THE discovery :

My mother made a discovery : Your diet has an impact on acne (to know more about it click here). I completely changed my diet. I started gentle, I was very careful about my diet when I was at home, but in school, I ate at the canteen so it was more difficult to pay attention. In addition to my diet change, I also changed my skincares, I used natural products NO MORE CHEMICAL !!!

I started to see differences, but I still wasn’t completely satisfied, I really thought that it would change overnight (I’m very impatient I know, but i’m working on it). The quality of my skin really improved even though I still had acne and scars. We advance in time, (in 10th grade) I was still following this new diet, but again it was not easy because I ate at the canteen. I still noticed that I had a lot less pimples. You know those who hurt a lot then turn red ? I had a lot of those kind of zits before (especially in 9th grade). But here (in 10th/11th grade) I mostly have scars. At that time, I started doing tests to see what foods gave me pimples (click here to find out what foods give acne !!), and i was eating according to that.

The happy ending :

Today my acne is completely different. I have no more pimples on the forehead (or it’s rare), the red pimples are really occasional (if I’m stressed or if I don’t eat really well for example). My big problem now is the scars. But let’s end this story on a positive point (like a fairy tale lol). From now on, I am much less complexed and I begin to regain confidence in myself (little by little). I go out without makeup and I don’t care about others. I feel better so it’s the most important.


  • 1st photo : about a year after I started having acne. (I think I was already following the treatment of the dermatologist). From this first photo to the end of 2013, my forehead was the same.
  • 2nd picture : the pimples on my forehead left as soon as i change my diet in 2014, but I have no picture, that’s why the one I show you is from 2017.
  • 3rd photo : from late 2013 to 2014 I really had big red zits that hurt, but I have no photos (again). So here’s a photo from 2016 where we can the scars my big zits left on my skin (after i changed my diet).
  • Last photo : it’s from September 2017, my scars decreased considerably as you can see and my skin texture is much better.

All these improvements I really owe them to my change of diet (HERE) and to my natural-oriented routine.

Now that you know everything about my acne (even a bit too much, lol), it’s your turn to share your stories in comments. By telling your story you’ll be able to help others. One feels less alone by reading the experiences of each one and it helps to put things into perspective on his case ♡.

Feel free to share my experience to help people who are maybe facing the same thing !!!

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my article ! See you soon !!! And you can SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOG if you want !

(PS : I tried to stay funny in this article, because I took a step back on this situation and I put things into perspective, but trust me, at some times, i really felt pretty lonely and really lost a lot of confidence in myself so…)

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