As you know (or not) I had pretty severe acne (i mean…if i stay objective, it could’ve been worse than me, but my acne was still quite impressive i’ll say… well. Anyway, I explain my acne story and journey here if you’re interested). So I was one of those people who spend hours on the internet looking for solutions, miracle cures, creams… to get rid of my acne breakouts. It’s been many years since I have acne, so over time I’ve accumulated several tips that work to overcome acne. So I told myself that on my blog, I’ll share them with you. I’ll do several articles each month / week to give you tips that I hope will help you and make your life a little easier.
Today, I share with you “5 foods that cause acne breakouts”.

Good food hygiene is essential to have a beautiful skin !

If you’ve tried a lot of acne creams and medicines and nothing has ever worked, it’s most likely mean that the problem is in your plate. Here is a list of 5 (basic) foods cause acne breakouts. And who are thus to avoid.

  • 1- Refined sugar, absolutely to banish !!!

Why ? When the sugar is refined our body must draw on our reserves of nutrients to assimilate it (as it no longer contains any vitamins and minerals). These foods will then acidify our body and demineralize it. Where is the refined sugar ? Obviously in white sugar, but also in all white products such as rice, bread, pasta, cereals…

A good digestive balance is important for a beautiful skin.

  • 2- Dairy products… Yuck…

First of all, they’re difficult to digest. Then, they naturally contain hormones that are precursors of acne. They are packed with growth hormone, including a specific, acting directly on acne. And besides, they contain full of other hormones, antibiotics and pesticides given to cows (to increase their yields…). And who will go in our body if we consume these products ! That’s why dairy products are food that cause acne breakouts.

  • 3- Animal products :

Like dairy products, they have plenty of hormones and antibiotics (consumed by animals). And as we eat these animals, we also eat these hormones and antibiotics… Again and again hormones in our body for acne… woaw…awesome ! (of course, this is irony). Those are food that cause acne breakouts once again that you must avoid.

  • 4- Gluten :

Not so digestible, our body is insufficiently equipped with enzymes to digest it. I see it a little like a sticky paste that attaches to the walls of our gut and is all elastic.

A problem of elimination of these fatty and sticky substances, can be expressed by acne. It is therefore for that that we must decrease, or even totally stop their consumption (that’s what i did).

  • 5- The glycemic index.

This is the speed at which a quantity of carbohydrates enters the blood. I noticed that my acne breakouts coincided with taking high GI foods. Like french fries, hamburgers, cakes… When I take a high GI food, I really feel it go into my blood (well…it’s normal cause that’s what happen !) and i feel full of sugar. It’s like I feel the pimples arrive after eating these foods.

And of course I don’t recommend eating fast food, prepared dishes (which contain ingredients that we can’t even pronounce) and fatty meals. After all everything is a question of quantity and therefore of balance. For example, if you eat some french fries with a side of salad, that’s pretty okay. But if you just eat fries (and in large quantities)… there will certainly be repercussions on your skin. If it’s only exceptional, don’t put pressure on yourself and don’t get sick. Try to gradually remove the foods (from this list) that give acne and see the results. It doesn’t cost you anything and if it can help you get rid of acne, why not try ?

If you can’t beat your acne, I really hope that I can help you with my blog and you will not be discouraged ! I am here to help you and I hope that together we will get there. Feel free to ask me questions and make suggestions for acne-related articles to help you 🙂 My skin in not perfect yet, but it would come. And i’m gonna share this journey with you ! Now that you know which foods cause acne breakouts, i really hope that your skin ay gonna improve (and your health).

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Thanks for reading ! Bye !!!
Melody 🙂

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