Don’t you ever noticed that after eating a specific food, you got an acne breakout ? Me neither, until a certain day… In this article, I will speak to you about my change of food. I’ll share with you all my tips and tricks on this in other articles, so feel free to subscribe to the newsletter (here) to be informed when I post these articles. Let’s start this article on how to get rid of acne with diet !

  • My food journey :

I’ve always loved eating, well, OKAY, like most of you… and I still does. So, I was not paying attention to my diet and its impact on my skin. I didn’t eat extremely badly either. My mother cooked us a lot of homemade meals for sister and my brother. But there was certainly more healthy. In general I ate for example lasagna and pizzas. The disgusting food of the canteen, cheese, chocolate (a lot of chocolate !!!). Also cakes like Oreos, Pepitos, and many other things I don’t remember everything, but i was also eating more and more already prepared dishes. I didn’t have a health problem, I was not overweight. But I had acne.

  • Why I changed my diet :

Well, I you have a clue on why I changed my diet… it’s because of my acne. Everything started in May 2014. I started to be really complexed by my acne. I was a shy girl, so things didn’t work out. Teenage Years are a pretty complicated period of life. We try to find who we are. What are our tastes, our character. We simply try to find who we are.

So having more acne and having to face the judgment of others and their mockery, was a really great time ! (#irony) (If you want to know more about my story with acne I made an article, click !) Anyway, it’s my mother who discovered the parallel between diet and acne. She was looking for solutions for her migraines on the internet. Then from there, she found a video talking about acne and diet (a video of Thierry Cassanovas, it’s in french). And that’s when i eventually could get rid of acne with diet !

  • The anti-acne diet / to have a beautiful skin:

After my mother told me about this video, I immediately followed the advice, so i changed my diet. I experimented with food and could find what suited me and what didn’t. I still experiment with food (I like it, apparently, lol). A complete article will be dedicated to “what diet for a beautiful skin” in which I’ll detail what is recommended or not to eat against your acne (or just to have a beautiful skin). MY DIET : HOW I CHANGED IT TO GET RID OF ACNE (vegan/acne)

Many people would have said that this change of diet is strange, or that “it’s just a trend”… lol. Or would have found excuses to continue eating their hamburger and coke. But I listened and followed these indications. I was so ready to get rid of my acne that I had no reason not to follow these tips. If you are given the solution to your problem, why not follow it ? What do you have to lose ? You have to know what you want in life in order to be able to make the right choices. I want to get rid of my acne. So I have to make sure I have a diet that helps me improve my skin.

  • The effects of this change on my acne :

My big red pimples (pictures here) went down and I felt better. I still had some, but not so much. To be honest, I thought that this change of diet was going to be much more radical (I’m very impatient…). I was even disappointed with the result. But that’s because I didn’t remember my skin before this change. I didn’t take into account, that now my problem was no longer the pimples, but the scars. In fact, I had a lot less acne. But since I had scars, my skin wasn’t perfect and I thought it was not working. The fact that I eat at the canteen does not help either. 1/3 of my meals were not in line with the way I wanted to eat. I ate anyway because I know that otherwise I would get hungry shortly after, vicious circle !


  • How is my acne today ?

Since i changed my diet, my skin is getting better and better. I don’t eat at the canteen anymore (yesss!) So I have total control over what goes into my body. Since this discovery in 2014, I continue to test other things, I even eaten only raw for 4 months ! It was one of the best decisions about my acne !!! (If you want me to do an article about it, tell me in the comments, it would make me super happy).This year, my skin is really better and I know it’s thanks to my diet.

  • Conclusion :

In this article, I wanted to explain why and how. Why did I change my diet ? And to get rid of acne with diet. Also, give you my sincere opinion on this diet. I don’t eat gluten or lactose and I have added the most fruits and vegetables to my diet. But that’s obviously not all I did to have improvements. (If you want to know what diet to adopt to have a beautiful skin, I think you are on the right blog ! I made a more complete article about it here). I don’t judge your diet or who you are. I’m just here to share my way of thinking and my experience with acne and diet.

Many vitamins, minerals and nutrients are useful for improving my skin. I don’t know why. But I will continue feeding in this way because that’s how I feel best, sincerely.

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